Family Therapy

Family therapy aimed at increasing the family’s coping with schizophrenia and at reducing the family’s expressed emotion. Change in the family system was seen as being sufficient to produce individual change. It is helpful in schizophrenic patient and for substance dependence patient .Family therapy session three times per week under the guidance of Dr. A. A.Quadri.

Group Therapy

Personal experiences are shared by dependent patient with motivational discussion. Long term patients of schizophrenia & other illness are made to sit and take full participation in discussing their problem. This is being done at our center daily by counselors, psychiatrist Dr. A. A.Quadri.

Social Skills Training

Social dysfunction is a defining characteristic of schizophrenia. People with the illness have difficulty in performing social roles, such as worker, spouse, and friend, and have difficulty meeting their needs when social interaction is required (e.g., negotiating with merchants, requesting assistance to solve problems). Social dysfunction determine course & outcome in the illness..The primary modality of social skills training is role play.It is being practiced effectively by our students in our center.

Assertive Training

TrainingThe Assertive Community Treatment (ACT) program was originally developed by researchers in Madison, Wisconsin, in the 1970s, for the delivery of services for persons with chronic mental illness.Our hospital has team delivering this facility. This is mobile and intensive intervention that provides treatment, rehabilitation, and support.

Psycho Education